How Medical Marijuana Facilities Can Enhance Their Security

Different types of businesses hold different types of inventory. Some, more valuable than others.
For example, auto dealerships have vehicles as inventory. Medical marijuana facilities have cannabis as their inventory. Retail companies have clothing and consumables as their inventory.

Regardless of the inventory, all these types of businesses require a security system to help secure and protect their inventory from those who desire to take it.

What Goes into a Business Security System?

When a business works with a professional security consultant a layout of the premise is evaluated and the following are areas are considered for enhanced security:

  • Major points of entry and egress
  • Windows or window displays that showcase products
  • Loading docks
  • Glass cases that showcase products
  • And much more!

When a security plan is put in place, the following types of security products and services are used to help with the commercial security system:

How a Medical Marijuana Facility Enhanced Its Security

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