Home Automation for Michigan Smart Homes

Home Automation Systems

A smart home is a home that is equipped with devices that are connected via the internet and help the homeowner managed and monitor appliances, and, other systems from a mobile device. 


Below are some interesting statistics regarding the popularity and growth of smart homes:


Statistics on Smart Homes


These are some interesting statistics that reveal just how quickly smart homes are becoming mainstream in the United States:


The Role of Home Automation in A Smart Home


Having a smart home doesn’t automatically make it a secure homeSecurity systems and applications need to be integrated into the smart home so that they can automatically be used within the framework of a smart home system. 


That is where the experts at Safeguard Security Solutions step in.  We can configure control of security cameras, video monitoring, video analytics, exit and entry protocols, lighting, and more for the smart home owner.


Automate Your Smart Home with Security Today


Learn more about home automation as a part of your overall smart home plan when you contact the security experts at Safeguard Security Solutions.  Start by contacting our office at (800) 631-3550 or request a consultation from one of our security experts.