Video Analytics

The Power of Video Analytics provided by the experts at Safeguard Security Solutions throughout Troy, and the entire state of Michigan

Video analytics addresses infrastructure challenges by enabling content-aware storage and routing. The software is the equivalent of having a tireless, unblinking person watch each camera, detect relevant events, and make decisions on what events to store and when to stream video. An analytics-enabled VMS addresses the three big scalability challenges of enterprise video deployments - human resources, storage and bandwidth - more effectively and cost-efficiently than a system without this capability.
Analytics serve as a force multiplier, freeing personnel from continuous monitoring and eliminating the need to hire additional staff even as the number of cameras grows. The software reduces storage requirements by a factor of 100 by recording video only when events of interest occur. It also reduces bandwidth requirements by a similar factor by streaming video only to endpoints that have subscribed to those events.
Most surveillance video is either monitoring normal, routine activities such as people entering and leaving a parking lot, or no activity, such as around a remote fence line. Simple motion detection is sometimes used to reduce the amount of video recorded or streamed, but it is prone to false alarms and creates unwanted events. Advanced video analytics can be configured to look for a person loitering in a parking lot or crossing over a fence, and only record and stream video when that happens. The technology can also alert personnel to loss of video or tampering.

Video Analytics to the Rescue

Video analytics software is best integrated with the VMS at each site. It intercepts the video feed from all cameras and then analyzes live video in real time with minimal latency. Events are stored in a database and posted to one or more alert consoles that have subscribed to those events. Video corresponding to those events is also streamed to these consoles.
In effect, video analytics serves as a traffic cop, interacting closely with the VMS. In most cases, an analytics-enabled VMS can be deployed on existing infrastructure with minimal changes. Video analytics provide a win-win situation, by enabling security personnel to prevent crime instead of investigating it after the incident, and by allowing IT staff to provide a compelling solution that is cost-effective to deploy and maintain.
It greatly reduces the operational expense of a distributed video surveillance solution while allowing centralized administration and monitoring. This mature technology is transforming the way enterprises plan and deploy IP video surveillance systems.

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