Technician Kyle. Had Hikvision camera training. Hikvision representatives Norm Shield and Jack Mackleroth.

I love this company, great staff, state of the art equipment and excellent customer service. I highly recommended this company for all your security needs.

Daniel S.

Very professional staff! Definitely know what ur doing!! Made me feel comfortable, I've always been iffy when it comes to dealing with security. Not these guys , definitely A1!! Would recommend to any family and friends


Great service. I have used this service for almost 3 years and I feel like they are the best security company in town. I have them at my business and my home and I couldn't live without them.

Green C.

These guys are complete pros. Top level service with top of the line equipment!

Jon A.

Best for alarms and security, hands down. Goodbye Guardian!!!!

Saqib N.

Reliable service, best equipment, fair price. Best alarm company in town.

Jon S.

I love this company and my alarm system. The technician was very professional and made sure I fully understood how to use the system before he left. I can arm my alarm, close the garage door, and set the temperature all from my phone. Plus I feel safe and secure while at home. I would definitely recommend safeguard security solutions to anyone looking for an honest, professional, reliable, local security and home automation company.

Fuego M.

Where do I start.... Well they secure all my buildings with alarm systems.

They also have done camera systems for me that have not only saved me money, but they did the best installation job I have ever had and in my lifetime. I have owned over 20 business' with alarm and camera systems before meeting Carlos and Ryan.
Since I have met them I can tell you that all my business will always go thru Safegaurd!

If you truly want someone to give you a clean job for a fair price. Contact Safegaurd cause they continue to strive to remain the best in the biz!

Victor A.

I contacted Safeguard looking for help with a particular system. Unfortunately they were not able to help but were immediately able to direct me to another individual who could help with the problem. Excellent customer service and highly recommended!

S G.

The absolute best of the best! I use this company for all of my businesses and homes! They are very professional and give you all up to date security features you made need/want in your home and/or business! I highly recommend them. They are very reasonable price wise and the staff there is awesome!

Serena D.

So happy to have these guys! I love the system and I use all of its features. Reminders to set my alarm, notifications if my children leave a door open, etc. it's great and makes my family feel so safe! The staff always answers my questions immediately and are great at getting back to me right away!

Jessica S.

Best alarm service!! I switched all my accounts home and business to them! And customer service is top notch!

Fiaz P.