Why Choose Us

The best "Why Choose Us" reason is that we are not a national cable or security or satellite TV or home improvement company. We are an established local company with decades of experience actually installing and servicing these "connected home" systems.

These systems have been around for years, but they were expensive and could only be considered during new construction.

Now it is better, easier, and much more affordable. Breakthroughs in wireless technology and miniaturization have combined with plummeting prices, cellular coverage, and Smart Phone technology to make these powerful yet simple systems available to all of us.

Now that it is easier, everybody wants to do it. Few of us would voluntarily interact with the cable or phone company. These "way too big" giants don't care and we all sense that. The same is true of the largest security companies.
Our systems do everything you see advertised and much more for the same monthly rates.

You can actually have a conversation with our owner. Try that with AT&T.