Commercial Security

Interactive Commercial Security Services Offered by Safeguard Security Solutions serving Michigan

Modern solutions for commercial properties keep you connected, even when you can't be there. Some of things you can do with features designed especially for businesses.

  • Ensure your business opens on time
  • Deter burglary and vandalism
  • Remotely monitor your property, even during off-business hours
  • See who's accessing the cash register, loading dock or supply room
  • Be notified if personnel fail to arm or disarm your security system
  • Record events such as unauthorized visits
  • Monitor the temperatures in server rooms and freezers
  • Receive alerts about power outages
  • Review searchable history log of activity at your property
  • Have a touchscreen door lock for your property

We now offer a revolutionary wireless service that enables you to always know what's going on at your business. These Cellular based systems do not require phone lines or internet service. They are not vulnerable to any type of wire cutting. These systems feature tamper resistant "Crash and Smash" protection insuring that even if the system is destroyed, the alarm will get through. Combine this with optional two-way emergency voice and you will quickly realize that we offer so much more than "just security".




Assured Peace of Mind With Our Systems and Monitoring

  • No Long-Term Monitoring Contracts
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Central Station Monitoring with Two Redundant Back-up Stations

Need an Advanced, Reliable, and Affordable Security System? We Have The Answer.

We use manufacture leaders in security technology, provide a state-of-the-art digital security platforms for your business. Our system designs take into consideration your building, work environment, location and individual needs in order to design a security system specific to your company's requirements. The flexibility of our systems allow them to expand as your needs grow, ensuring your safety and peace-of-mind for years to come.

We are Computer and Network Friendly

In today's business world, network connections are standard equipment. Many of our systems also have Administrative Software to help you add or change user codes, and get alarm reports.

Access Control

Give Your Company Added Security with Access Control

  • Control Who Has Access to Your Building
  • Multiple Lock Key Combinations
  • Integrates with Your Current Systems
  • Create a Safe and Secure Environment
  • Control Multiple Entrances from One Location

Throw Out Your Old Keys! The New Key to the Future is Electronic Access Control!

Keycards can help you control and monitor people or vehicles through your business's doors, turnstiles and parking lot barriers. Better yet, you no longer need to worry about managing old-style mechanical keys, or your employees duplicating or losing them! Need more? Scan eyes or read thumb prints through a customized biometric system, the most advanced system available today in access control. All this can be done for the cost of rekeying many facilities just a few times. Many customers start with installing access control on their main employee entry and computer room...other times every door in a facility warrants access control. Whether large or small, we have a solution that is right for you!

For Small Business

  • Provides a solution that works with your alarm system, eliminate manual alarm code entry - You don't need to punch in a code, automatically arms or disarms your security system on time, logs and track personnel movement, connects to your network.

For Large Business

  • Provides an enterprise solutions with superior open architecture software. Integration of several systems like: CCTV (cameras), Alarm, Intercom access across several buildings, unification of your systems and facilities, and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

You should be in control. Feel comfortable knowing that you can control who goes where, when and how.

Video Surveillance

Bring Safety and Security Together with Video Surveillance

  • Professional Design and Setup
  • View in Complete Darkness
  • Integrate with You Current System
  • Create a Safe and Secure Environment
  • Protect Your Employees

The quality of the picture is where everything comes together in a CCTV Security Camera system....can you identify the desired subject matter from each camera's picture? Quality means that you have a clear picture with proper lighting and contrast. There is no washout, blackout, or degradation regardless of the time of day or other environmental factors. You want images that are useful for your purposes...whether that means they need to stand up in court, or just give you more information. We offer cameras with a variety of lenses and mounts. Each type of camera fits a different need or application. With new digital technology, you can record upon motion, events or schedules. In addition you can search for recorded events by simply entering the time and date and download a recorded video. We can also allow you to view cameras real-time on your computer or smart phone from home, or anywhere in the world. We want to help you determine the goals of your system and design it accordingly. Our professional site survey takes into consideration factors that determine the success of a new video system.

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